Any Stay Any Day - FAQ

Yes. For long term booings from 3 month, we give discounts.
Yes, we may arrange baby cot, baby chair, car chair. It will costs additional amount which depends of leght of your stay.
You may send us a request but we are not able to garantue that unit will be avalable on you arrival date. It can be rented out before 5 min of your arrival by anybody who arrange payment. No money, no honey.
You may pay online, PayPal, bank transfer or if you n Dubai by cheque or cash.
We will cancel t accordng our terms and conditons.
1. You have choose avalable unit and check in/check out dates.
2. Send us a request or complete form on website.
3. Coomplete payment.
We trust our cleaning team but anyway keep your money and jewellery in safety place. In case if something happend we are not responsible for it. I know it is not fair but dont take responsobility for third party and we dont know what ever you have exactly.
Sure you may! Pay and Get!
Extra cleaning with linen changing will costs:
Studio - 130 DHS
1 BD - 180 DHS
2 BD - 250 DHS
3 BD - we dont have 3 BD apartments now.
Housekeeping comes from 08:00 till 18:00.
They have access to property.
Deep cleaning and is done everytime before check in.
Our maid comes every 7th day of your stay. If you check in on Sunday it will mean that next cleaning and linen changing will be next Sunday.
Each unit has:
Washing machine
Ironing board
Dishwasher ( depends of unit )
We have same linen sets for all apartments.
With 4 star/5 star hotel quality.
Fitted sheet 300 GSM
Pillow case 300 GSM
Duvet cover 200 GSM
Bath towel 70 -140 cm
Face towel 45 - 75 cm
All linen washed in loundry! We never ever wash it our self or inside apartment!
I cant tell you that it is exactly welcome package.
We provide once on arrival:
Kitchen paper roll
Dishwasher tablets
Black tea
Green tea
Black coffee
Coffee 3 in 1
That is it! -:)
Yes, once on arrival. You will get per bathroom:
Two shampoo 30ml
Two bath gel 30ml
Two soup 30gr
Two dental kit
Two toilet rolls
Generally all units have:
One bed set ( per bedroom )
Big towel and small towel X2 ( per bathroom )
One small tower ( per guest toilet )
Sure all units have it. Otherwise i am sure that we loose your reservation!
In some buildings we have bell boys and trolleys otherwise self - service.
Please check out in time not later then 12:00 noon if another not agreed with us.
Just left keys from apartment on building reception, all our properties have 24 hours concierge.
Note: dont take our staff from apartment!!
Yes, we are working 24 hours but you need to notify us prior of arrival regarding the time. Otherwise you may wait up to 30-45 min if came without notification.
You have to notify us regarding your check in by email, phone or through the extranet if you booked from any of our partners portals.
Prior 2-3 of arrival you will get answer with details of person who will meet you in building lobby or apartment.
It depends of availability. Late check out may be provided till 18:00 for free.
Check out later 18:00 applies half day or full day costs.
It depends on availability. Early check in may be provided only after 08:00 for free.
Check in before 08:00 applies half day or full day cost.
Check in is 15:00.
Check out is 12:00.
No, by last year you may obtain visa any time, once you left UAE.
Visa is required for : Turkey, Ukraine, Albania, Russia, St Kitts-Navis, St Lucia, Mexico, Cuba, Bermuda, Belize, Guyana, French Guiana, Martinique, Antigua and Barbuda, St Vincent, Jamaica, Palao, other non-defined American nationalities, Thailand, South Africa, Singapore, China passport holders.
It takes 1-3 working day to get it.
Colored scan of first passport page in JPEG format.
Or good photo, not exeeced 1MB.
NOTE: photo should be without fingers, nails, knees on it.
Yes. We may open 30 and 90 days visas. 30 days visa costs 478 DHS, 90 days visa costs 1095 DHS.
Our apartments ipare pets friendly.
Small dogs, cats is allowed. But first you have send us photo where you and your pet together, we need understand how much you love it! :-)
Deposit? Who need it? Forget to have headake to refund it after your stay!
If apartment will be damaged, anyway deposit will not cover it!
We are decent people!